Handmade Rigate Pens


Dried durum wheat semolina pasta, bronze drawn and slowly dried at low temperatures. Artisan processing.
Cooking 11 min.Cooking 11 min.
Weight 500 gr.Weight 500g
Ingredients pastaIngredients: durum wheat semolina, water.

Wheat productionWheat production: Italy.
Wheat millingWheat milling: Italy.
Processing plantProcessing plant: Cercemaggiore (CB).


    (average values referred to 100 g of product)

    Energy value:350kcal/1490kj
    Dietary fiber:1.5 gr.
    Fatties:1.5 gr.
    of which sugars:2,5g


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Handmade Rigate Pens

We produce our second brand, "La Pasta di Rita", the handmade striped pens. The durum wheat we use is 100% Italian. We use only Molise semolina in some months of the year, being of little availability. Pure Matese water is our second natural ingredient, and is known for its lightness. The mixture, slow and delicate, ensures the excellent mixing of the ingredients. Our bronze die guarantees the right roughness and porosity. We dry them very slowly and at almost natural temperatures, in order to keep all the organoleptic characteristics intact. All this allows you to have a good tenacity in cooking.


The Penne rigate were created in the 19th century, near Genoa. They were so called because the format seemed to imitate the nibs of fountain pens. The "penne" represent one of the few pasta shapes known for a certain date and place of birth: in 1865, in fact, a pasta producer: Giovanni Battista Capurro, patented a diagonal cutting machine of his own invention. An important invention because it allowed to cut fresh pasta in this shape without crushing it.

The history of pens can be found at this link: history pens

Preparation tips

Penne rigate are excellent eaten with a simple sauce of fresh tomato and basil. The yellow tomato, instead of red, ensures a delicate and refined taste to the dish. The pesto of wild herbs, such as mint and lemon balm, gives the right note of freshness and well-being. The combination with a black summer truffle can be a valid alternative for those who love stronger flavors. The Ground Black Summer Truffle, of Molise origin only, is available in our shop, at this link

The porcini mushrooms are also an excellent condiment, available in our shop at this link truffle mushrooms

A simple and genuine cuisine is always synonymous with health.

Additional information

Weight500 g

Rita's Pasta


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